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Micro-LED, Flip-Chip, COB

Vividly Real Color
Achieving an impressive 100% coverage in AdobeRGB, REC709, and sRGB. 99% coverage of DCI-P3
Visual performance
Experience breathtaking color, meticulously perfected in partnership with Multicolor, delivering an impressive and realistic natural presentation
Low power consumption
Advancing energy efficiency through innovative technology. Power consumption - 160 W/m2
The COB technology with epoxy protection ensures that the screen can withstand environmental impacts

Technology: COB Flip-chip

Chip On Board (COB) technology mounts the light-emitting chip directly onto the PCB board. This method effectively eliminates pixel failure issues caused by rack pins.

Unlike the traditional SMD package, COB technology bypasses the complex processes of LED chip fabrication and reflow soldering. This significantly enhances the stability of the lamp beads and provides superior protection.

Furthermore, COB requires no wire connections, thus preventing pixel failures that can result from connector detachment and poor soldering quality.

Illuminate your world

  • Breathtaking color, meticulously perfected in partnership with Multicolor
  • Achieving an impressive 100% coverage in AdobeRGB, REC709, and sRGB
  • Powerful 99% coverage of DCI-P3

Immerse visual experience

Perfect black consistency

The surface is covered with a black polymeric coating, which delivers deep black to a new level, providing an astonishing black consistency, intense contrast, flawless detail and breathtaking visual performance.

The LED chip is placed directly on the PCB substrate which provides better thermal conduction and heat dissipation. Thus, the stable operation is more guaranteed.

Strong against external impact

Front maintenance

Power supplies and internal cables can be quickly replaced from the front side

icon energy socket

Under the same brightness conditions as conventional SMD, energy consumption can be reduced by more than 40%.

low heat

With low thermal resistance, the heat dissipation efficiency is significantly higher than conventional SMD, ensuring more stable operation.

Mission critical environment

Designed for 24/7 mission-critical applications, Infinity ensures unparalleled reliability through the incorporation of optional power and data redundancy. Our product is meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of continuous usage, providing a seamless and dependable solution for your operational needs.

Pre-packages LED screens

Transtech EMEA provides pre-packaged Full HD or 4K LED screens, ensuring swift delivery for your convenience. Effortlessly enhance your project with our easy-to-install substructure, complete with a seamlessly integrated frame for added convenience. Explore our Infinity, featuring both an all-in-one solution and a touch option for added versatility.


icons included all in one - white - 3 and 3

2K / 4K / 8K Resolution

Infinity adopts standard panels in 27.5“. and can be spliced into standard resolution of 2k (1,920×1,080), 4k (3,840×2,160), 8k (7,680×4,320). It‘s specifically designed for applications that require close viewing distances. It can splice into any size to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Technical specifications

Please download our specifications. For detailed inquiries or additional information, kindly contact us using our contact form.

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