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LED display solution

Transtech is a global leader in high-tech manufacturing, specializing in the production of premium LED displays, with two state-of-the-art factories in China. Our primary facility and global headquarters are located in Shenzhen, while our second cutting-edge factory is in Suzhou. We also have strategically positioned sales offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA (Los Angeles), and EMEA (Nuremberg, Germany).

We focus relentlessly on quality, ensuring the longevity and sustainability of our projects. Our innovative Research and Development department keeps our LED displays at the forefront of technology, continuously developing new features and unique products to offer the best solutions on the market.

At Transtech, we don’t just produce high-quality LED displays. We partner with our clients throughout their entire journey, from design to after-sales service. Whether you see us as a reliable supplier or a dedicated partner, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the process to ensure your success.

Factory: Suzhou, China

Sales office: Hongkong

Factory: Shenzhen, China

Sales office: Nuremberg, Germany

Sales office: Los Angeles, USA

Sales office: Singapore

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Your End-to-End Solution Partner

Transtech offers a comprehensive project cycle, assisting our clients through the entire journey from consulting and custom design to production, training, and after-sales service. Whether you see us as a supplier or a partner walking with you through the whole process is entirely up to you.

1. Consulting
2. Design
3. Production
4. Construction
5. Training
6. After-sales service
What do we offer?


Innovative LED Displays for Every Project and Budget, Reducing Power Consumption for a Sustainable Future

Discovery II eco vision
Indoor fine pitch display. Flip Chip SMD Common Cathode with sustainable and high brightness mode.
Discovery II
Indoor fine pitch display. SMD technology.
Indoor fine pitch display. Micro-LED, Flip-Chip, COB.
Discovery S
Indoor fine pitch LED display. SMD/IMD.
Outdoor fine pitch display. COB, Flip chip, common cathode.

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