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Transtech team

Transtech  has witnessed the rapid development of LED display industry for more than 27 years, with years experiences in design, R&D, manufacturing and investment on field of LED displays.

Adhering to the spirit of “Devotion, Profession, Experience”, Transtech commits to deliver world-class-quality products.


  • We value our team
  • Our team is like a family
  • Everyone is professional and reliable
  • We work hard for your comfort.
  • Maybe we say that we have many departments all over the world and we grow constantly ?
  • Transtech has factory workers in two factories. Sales department, marketing team, R&D engineers… shipping, engineers, technicians, etc.

Founding team

Picture of Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone

  • Established a Retop company, manufacturing full color LED displays in 1997
  • Long journey of constant company grow, founding Transtech in 2015
  • The founder of the company 
  • Over 27 years of experience in LED
  • TRT EMEA established in 2024
  • Responsible for XXX employees
  • Now is a father and adviser for the young management
Picture of Mr. Hue

Mr. Hue

  • Joined the company in XXX
  • Position title
  • Responsible for
  • Over XX years of experience in LED industry

TRT management team

Let's Meet Our Team

CEO of Transtech EMEA
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CEO of Transtech EMEA
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CEO Transtech America Inc.
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CEO of Transtech EMEA
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