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Why Transtech?

Our Core Values: Reliability and Sustainability

Reliability and Durability as Brand Pillars

Our brand’s credibility is built on the foundation of reliability and durability, ensuring customer trust and satisfaction.

Reduced Consumption with a 10-Year Life Cycle

Our products are designed with a 10-year life cycle, significantly reducing consumption and promoting long-term use.

Commitment to the Circular Economy

We are dedicated to the circular economy, using 100% recyclable metal chassis as a standard feature in our products.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Our innovations focus on reducing power consumption, contributing to a better and more sustainable future.

Choosing quality is the most significant thing you can do for sustainability

Additional Transtech service

  • Dedicated RMA Service
  • Global available repair centers
  • 10 Year warranty available on certain product lines

Futureproof your investment

Single product platform

  • Design for space not for Pixel Pitch
  • One mount, any pixel pitch
  • Future proofed design

Fire resistance

Transtech LED screens are tested according to DIN EN 13501-1 standard as C-s2, d0 which is comparable to B1 in the national class after DIN 4102-1.That means that all series are almost inflammable and there will be no burning dropping material.

Transtech product delivery

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