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Company introduction

Transtech registered in Hongkong, is a leading designer & manufacturer of LED products for most  visual applications. 

Transtech witnessed the rapid development of LED industry, gathered by a group of industry vs, with the spirit of “Devotion, Profession & Experience”,  Transtech committed to deliver products with World-class quality. 

Transtech consists of four subsidiaries, all of which have the common mission to provide reliable and satisfying visual solutions to the market:
1.PrismaChina: 66% shares holding by Transtech, is the joint- venture manufacturing base founded by Transtech & Prismaflex( ALPRI, FR ), which integrated the human resources & expertise from U.S & France.

2.Newtop 3D Solution CO.,Ltd: with technical team members from Switzerland & Taiwan, the company focus on providing solutions for glass-free 3D LCD & 3D LED displays.

3.Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd: a company invested by Transtech, specializing in architectural landscape lighting & qualified with National Class-A Construction Certification.

4.S[quadrat]-was founded in 2005, one of the leading providers of display systems in the field of video, information systems and architecture. "One-stop-shop"solution have been servicing global customers over 10 years.

Transtech adheres to the core mission of being customer oriented, maintaining continuous improvement, and as a starting point, we aim to serve our customers, reward our shareholders, care our staff and contributing to the society.