Transtech LED TV Achieving Outstanding Performance at NAB Show 2019 Published:2019-04-11

The NAB Show 2019, an international show enjoyed the highest reputation in the broadcasting industry, was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 8th April, 2019. Numerous audio-visual companies participated in the show. Making the first attempt to explore the broadcasting market, Transtech participated in the NAB show with the latest developed Discovery-Ⅱ LED TV and LedPoster.The excellent display effect of LED TV made it stood out in the fierce competition, successfully  attracting numerous attendees. 

Transtech Discovery-Ⅱ fine pitch series got high reputation in the fine pitch market for years due to the ultra high definition display effect. It adopts seamless spliced module design, contributing to the flat screen and uniform color. The screen brightness can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment, presenting more picture details and providing more comfortable viewing experience.

The LED TV on display makes a innovative breakthrough based on the technology of second generation small pitch products. The high-definition and high contrast display brings strong visual impact to audience, appealing lots of visitors and winning high praise. Compared with similar fine pitch LED displays on the market, Discovery-Ⅱ series have higher contrast and more excellent technology in high brightness and low gray scale due to exclusive design of internal electrical system. It can be widely applied in broadcast television studios, command centers, security monitoring centers, conference rooms.

Transtech team also showed the face recognition of LedPoster on site. It can automatically identify customer groups, intelligently analyze business opportunity, accurately switch advertisement, therefore, greatly improve customer experience. 

LedPoster is one of the three featured products in Transtech that integrates features of high  definition, high quality, convenience and intelligence, winning warm praise from customers for years. It supports installation methods such as floor-standing, hanging, bracket standing, lifting and easily cascade 16:9 aspect ratio display. Display contents can be easily controlled by USB, WIFI, telephone, computer, or other platforms. 

Transtech brand is known to more oversea customers by attending this NAB Show 2019. We will continue to accelerates the pace of internationalization for LED display industry, at the same time, Transtech also fulfills the mission to deliver products with made-in-China price and world-class quality.