Transtech iPoster Enhances Service Quality in Scientific and Technologic Achievement Fair Published:2017-06-27

22nd to 24th June, the First China University Scientific and Technologic Achievement Fair was held in Huizhou Convention Center.  Nearly 300 universities and 3000 enterprises from both overseas and domestic attended this fair. Around the theme of "crossing the chasm between productions achieving win-win together", Transtech and organizer cooperate together, presents scientific and technologic achievement and important guide information on Transtech all new digital poster- iPoster. With natural and vivid image and simple operation, iPoster deliver the message for all visitors timely.

During 3 days fair, activities are divided into 3 sections including exhibition, forum and promote trade. Transtech iPoster are placed in every corner of the convention center and are welcomed for base stand installation, relevant play material made on site and phone controlling. It’s so convenient and simple that visitors can learn to play at once. 

iPoster provided precise service to these areas including smart devices, micro-electronics, big data and communication, new materials, ocean science and engineering, stem cells and tissue engineering, precision medical treatment, energy saving and new energy, environmental protection and integrated utilization of key resource, artificial intelligence and so on. To improve internationalization, specialization, marketization, informationized level, build smart and green exhibition, digital poster provided orderly information delivery to all audience with its advantages as following: controlled by fixed or portable Windows, IOS, android devices and achieve asynchronous play, plug and play. 

As all new digital poster, iPoster brightness at 1200nits, 3 times brighter than LCD display. Adopted ultra slim design, iPoster is super thin, only 35mm thickness, low power consumption and achieve multiple installations including base stand, wall-mounted, bracket stand, hanging and splicing for different applications. Achieve six screens assembly 16:9 easily, portable carriage, simple and convenient. With fine adjustment of build-in bracket, iPoster can meet various installation requirements.

In the future, iPoster will service high standard exhibition activities such as scientific and technologic achievement fair, international auto forum. iPoster will enhance the service quality and image of the exhibition with an opportunity of diversified, informationized and intelligent application of technology products in the exhibition service. Like always, Transtech will insist global integration development of LED industry and fulfill “Made-in-China price and World class quality”.

China University Scientific and Technologic Achievement Fair