New Arrival! Disocvery S Fine Pitch LED Display Published:2021-02-05

Disocvery S, a fine pitch LED display newly developed by Transtech, has got rave reviews for its high performance.

Disocvery S is a family of Transtech’s fine pitch LED display available in P1.25, P1.56, 1.87 and P2.5 millimeter pixel pitches. 29mm thickness makes it thinner than 95% LED displays in the industry. The cabinet only weights 4.5KG, much more lighter than traditional displays. It adopts 27" standard panels which can be spliced into standard resolution of 2K(1920×1080), 4K(3840×2160), 8K(7680×4320). It’s specifically designed for applications that require close viewing distances, including but not limited to the meeting room, command center, training room. 

Available in DS012/DS015/DS018/DS025 inches specifications, Disocvery S Series fine pitch LED display is suitable for indoor situations of any size. Compared to conventional LED displays, the Disocvery S series has a higher contrast ratio and unique advanced technology that offers higher grayscale performance especially when displaying lower brightness levels. Dual backup system of power supply, signal and receiving card ensures stable and smooth operation.