How to Disinfect LED Displays During the COVID-19 Outbreak Published:2020-07-06

It is essential to clean and disinfect public spaces during the critical period of fighting the COVID-19. As one of the mainstream news releasing tools, LED displays are widely used in public places to help people stay informed on the latest news, updates and information about the virus. Therefore, how to disinfect LED displays has become a common concern for many customers.

As is known to all, there are many disinfection products on the market, such as 75% alcohol, 84 disinfectant, etc. But not every disinfection product can be used for the LED screens, as wrong selection of disinfection products may cause irreversible damage. So how to disinfect the LED screen without damaging it? Following we provide some suggestions and guidance on cleaning and disinfecting of LED displays.

1.Use 75% medical alcohol to wipe the screen, and dry it with a clean and dry cloth;

2.Do not use disinfectant that contains sodium hypochlorite to wipe the surface of LED lamps, plastics and other electronic parts to avoid corrosion;

3.Cut off power supply and keep well-ventilated during disinfection.

4.Do not use disinfectants that contains ingredients of chlorine and bromine that can cause corrosion and irreversible damage to LED displays.