Differences Between LED Display and Signage Published:2020-03-27

LED display has gradually become the first choice for outdoor advertising and sign display. It will account for over 80% of the outdoor advertising market in the foreseeable future. Different from conventional signage, LED display has incomparable advantages as below.

1.Display Content 

The most significant differences between LED display and signage is the display content. Comparing with the settled and static content on signage, user can switch various contents at any time on LED display. In addition, contents on LED display could be videos, pictures and text, more attractive than signage.


Some signage, eg. printing billboard and banner, are sold in a low cost, but the maintenance cost is much more expensive than LED displays. As the content is monotonous and fixed, it takes a vast of labor cost and advertising fees for changing the signage. In the contrast, The maintenance of LED display is flexible, convenient and cost-effective. With the price of LED display gradually decreasing, more and more companies prefer LED display as the first choice of adverting.

3.Installation Methods

Whether signage or LED display has various installation methods, such as column installation, wall mounting, base standing, and etc. With the progress in technology, the installation methods of LED display is further Optimized. The obvious improvement is that the LED display can be remote controlled by WiFi, computer, cellphone. As a result, there’s no restriction for the installation place and methods of LED display. 


The contents on signage cannot be seen in darkness environment. Different from the signage, LED display has automatic adjustment function for brightness. It could automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient environment. Contents on LED screen can be clearly seen anytime, day or night.

5.Image Resolution

With technology of advanced digital video processing, distributed scanning and modular design, LED display presents high-resolution contents(pictures/videos/texts) without distortion and ghosting. But signage will have color fading problem over time. 

6.2D/3D Effect

LED display presents not only 2D contents, such as texts and pictures, but also video, animation and other 3D dynamic contents, and supports remote control system. Signage can only present 2D contents.