NEW ARRIVAL! Transtech Launches P0.95 LED-TV Published:2020-03-24

Transtech recently launches P0.95 LED-TV, which applies leading 4-in-1 LED packaging technology and common cathode technology, contributing to colorful and vivid content that always brings users wonderful and profound visual experience.

Discovery-II Series LED-TV is a family of fine pitch LED display available in P0.95, P1.26, 1.58, P1.9 and P2.5 millimeter pixel pitches. It is generally used in indoor close viewing situations, including but not limited to the business conference room, meeting presentation, home theatre and command center. The whole series adopt die-casting aluminum material to improve the heat dissipation effect and flatness.

Compared with conventional LED packaging technology, 4-in-1 integrated packaging has incomparable advantages. With four pixels packaged into one lamp structure, it has integrated the advantages of COB and SMD, greatly improving the anti-collision effect and enhancing the flatness and uniformity of screen.

Common cathode technology ensures better heat dissipation without any damage of brightness. LED display with common cathode technology is more energy-efficient due to lower power consumption. Further more, the surface temperature of screen will be lower due to the reduction of power consumption, which ensures the longer working lifetime. Transtech’s LED-TV delivers vivid images thanks to the common cathode technology for a wide range of color and deep contrast. 

Available in D82/D110/D135/D165/D220 inches specifications, Discovery-II Series LED-TV is suitable for conference rooms of any size.