NEW ARRIVAL! Transtech Launches Frameless LedPoster Published:2020-03-13

After a series of hard work by the R&D department, Transtech launches the Frameless LedPoster recently. As the regular P1.9 and P2.5 LedPoster has enjoyed great reputation in the LED display industry, the newly launched Frameless LedPoster soon attracts lots attentions.

With the development of display technology, consumers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of the LED display. In addition to the color and material of the display, the bezel and screen thickness are also progressively more concerned. Transtech’s Frameless LedPoster as a customer-oriented full-screen display, not only meets public aesthetic, but also takes practicability into consideration. Six Frameless LedPosters can be cascaded into 16:9 aspect ratio picture without any gap.

Transtech’s Frameless LedPoster applies the new design of no covering frame on the edges, which effectively reduces or eliminates the splicing boundary between screens. It can achieve seamless splicing, which is more conducive to multi-screen cascading. Frameless LedPoster makes it possible to create truly seamless design by utilizing cutting-edge technology, catering to different demands of screen splicing. Full-screen display breaks the constraints of frames, presenting viewers a broader visual effect. Viewers will be immersed in the image/video and unaware of the existence of screen when watching the contents, gaining more realistic and broader visual experience.