Solemn Statement by Transtech on Counterfeiting LedPoster(iPoster) Published:2020-02-28

Recently Transtech has learned some companies illegally counterfeited our LedPoster (iPoster) , including but not limited to theft or using our product images for publicity without permission, infringement of our company name and TRT brand for sales, which damages our reputations and legitimate interest.

The "Universal Standards of P2.5/1.9 Indoor LedPosters Technical Requirements" formulated by Transtech has been officially released under the guidance of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association(COEMA). We call on people to purchase LedPoster (iPoster) legally through Transtech’s  official website (in English): www.trtled.com and (in Chinese): www.trtled.cn & www.trtled.info.

Transtech hereby solemnly declares that the counterfeit LedPoster(iPoster) is illegal actions, which should cease or be stopped immediately. Transtech shall closely monitor the illegal action and reserve our rights to initiate international legal action.

Some websites of counterfeit product are as follows:

Transtech LED Co.,Ltd
28th February, 2020