Pingshi Garden LED Lighting Project Published:2016-01-12
Project Profile:
Location: Pingshi Garden, Jiangxi Province

Constructor: Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd


Garden LED Lighting

Generally speaking, Garden is consisting of four parts: the natural landscape, Garden roads, squares and builds facilities. Wherein Garden road plays roles as tour guide, organize space, relaxation place and connecting traffic. Among them, the landscape lighting design can help pedestrian identify the obstacles on the road in case of accident. Garden lighting design should choose the correct method. 

Select Road lighting design approach depends on the types and characteristics of the Garden road. In general, there are five main roads into the Garden: Garden Road, stepping stone, trails, branches, main road. Among them, the designers of Jiangsu Retop, an experienced lighting design company invested by Transtech, believe that the main road lighting design and branches lighting design are the most important part for Garden Lighting Design.