Sikuang Bridge and Huasheng Bridge Lighting Design Project Published:2016-01-11
Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd is invested by Transtech LED Co.,Ltd, which is an experienced LED display solution provider in Shenzhen. Jiangsu Retop owns numerous successful lighting cases including building lighting, public places lighting, bridge lighting, and ancient lighting design. With excellent design, high quality products, and professional installation team, Jiangsu Retop is highly appreciated by its customers. 

Tao River is a longest cross river in Yangquan City. And there are two famous bridges over it namely Sikuang Bridge and Huasheng Bridge. Jiangsu Retop was responsible for the lighting design with this project. Most of the bridges lighting design are adopting lighting method to enhance the bridge body structure. The most impressive part of this project is that this bridge is combined with two separate main structures. To show the beautiful images and vast vigor, the bridge will become an enormous landmark at night.