Lighting project in Binjiang Cultural Park, Changsha Published:2015-12-23
Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Transtech, which owns years of lighting design, installations. Successful cases range from square lighting design, architectural lighting design, and modern building lighting design. Binjiang Cultural Park is surrounded with water in three sides with great view. Adopted the innovative separation of pedestrian and vehicles, this cultural park is really belongs to citizens. Before design, our designer went on site to check the environment condition, and fully noticed that it is for relaxation and residential use, and decided to employ warm color to construct a special, romantic atmosphere for citizens.  

Firework is beautiful but fleeting while lighting is permanent and can be reproduced anytime. There are two design concepts for Binjiang Cultural Park. One is Relaxation, and another is flexibility. Our designers arranged organized lamps for the main building to deliver a beautiful lighting effect.