Outdoor LED Display in USA Published:2015-11-20

Transtech finished an P16 outdoor LED display in USA. This project was installed in the street cross near the exhibition hall to display some exhibition advertisements, important local activities, grand shows or meetings. With double column stand, whole size at about 76sqm, the whole installation was completed quickly. TRT O-vision series features as high brightness, wide viewing angle, excellent waterproof performance. 

Adopted high efficient LED chip, TRT O-Vision series can deliver excellent images even under direct sunlight. As we all know, in outdoor environment, the brightness will change as time change. When the brightness of LED display is higher than its surroundings, audiences will feel uncomfortable to look at the LED display. Transtech outdoor series owns advanced brightness auto-adjustable system which can efficiently lessen light pollution to present a better viewing effect. Speaking of excellent waterproof performance, thanks to unique cabinet design with corner locating pin, audiences can get a seamless joint LED display. Good handling between cabinets and support, water cannot flow into cabinets, which lead to an excellent waterproof large LED display.