Legend LED Display Shines the South Plaza of Canton Tower Published:2021-09-30

Transtech has successfully completed the project for the outdoor LED display on the South Plaza of Canton Tower. This project, with an area of 420sqm(4521sqft), adds charms to the surroundings and greatly helps the South Plaza becoming the first stop for tourism and  entertainment in Guangzhou City.

The DOOH LED mesh display adopts 8-16 pixel pitch, standing on both sides of the square at L-shaped right angle. Developed by Transtech’s team independently, Legend series LED mesh adopts aluminum alloy material, 30%-60% lighter than traditional LED displays. It is highly integrated with built-in power supply and receiving card, and each unit can work independently, convenient and practical. The technology of wide range of color, deep contrast as well as broadcast-grade grayscale processing ability, contributes to colorful and vivid content that always brings users immersive and profound visual experience. The hollow design light bar ensures the high transparency and strong wind load.

Thanks to Transtech’s technology for dedicate color and deep contrast, the led mesh delivers vivid images at every moment, attracting numerous passers-by. Customers speak  highly of this project and they look forward to further cooperation with Transtech in the future.