Transtech LED-TV at Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles Published:2019-04-27

TransTech’s LED-TV fine pitch display Discovery II panels were used to build a large display for Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. The video wall in the experience center can show life-sized views of the company’s cars, luggage and the rest of their products sold through this store. This sale also marks progress that TransTech has climbed a solid step towards the 2019 goal of “Focus Leads to Excellence” in the USA market.  

This project uses TransTech’s Discovery-II LED-TV LED panels to build a 220’’ diagonal, FHD resolution display. “It is a great visual representation of the Porsche brand and can inform our customers even when all of the employees are busy with other customers.” 

The Discovery-II modular product design allows seamless displays to be created just by snapping the LED panels together to create the right size of display for the application. The brightness is automatically adjusted to the most comfortable levels according to the ambient brightness levels color and temperature.

Compared to traditional LED displays, the Discovery-Ⅱseries has a higher contrast ratio and unique advanced technology that offers higher gray scale performance especially when displaying lower brightness levels. The Discovery II is used in applications such as commercial exhibition halls, command & control centers, conference rooms, lobby welcome screens, sports bar video displays and to promote retail store products. The Discovery II presents a real visual feast for the viewer’s eyes complete with HDR capabilities. These displays look wonderful even at close distances where other LED displays look very bad.

TransTech, even in the short time span under this brand name, has become known to its customers as having high-quality products along with good service at a fair price.  The key is that TransTech is a company that you can trust to get the products made on time with no surprises. A whole company of people that do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it. This makes TransTech America a great choice for any project where you need the ingredients to win and a partner that can deliver success on the project.

Discovery II



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