Transtech Legend LED Mesh Made a Momentous Appearance in Mannheim, Germany Published:2018-12-29

Recently, TransTech Legend LED mesh was installed on a well-known building in Mannheim, Germany. The colorful 300㎡ (3,220sq. feet) LED display integrates very well with the building, creating unique scenery for the crowded streets of the city below.

Legend LED mesh

This project used TransTech’s Legend P1616 LED Mesh to create a high definition, vivid and dynamic display, that delivers a perfect visual feast for numerous people passing by every day. The LED mesh display automatically adapts to environment, always keeps perfect brightness and color temperature no matter time of day or night. Ultra-high visual permeability, a wide viewing angle, brilliant colors and a high contrast ratio make the building an eye-catching symbol even from great distances away. This is a new generation LED mesh display product has become the best technology to replace older LED displays and billboards due to it’s lightweight design and very reasonable cost. This is the new trend for creative displays to create urban landmarks using architecture accented by lighting. These super large size screens with dynamic advertising can spread important information successfully with a strong visual impact to make a profound impression on the people that get to view it. Customers speak very highly of this project and they look forward to further cooperation with TransTech in the future.

LED Mesh

The LED mesh adopts a high-quality aluminum alloy frame and perfect video processing technology that is packaged to guaranty good heat dissipation for silent operation almost anywhere. IP67 front and IP65 rear design protects it from extreme weather. Ultra-high permeability of the system dramatically reduces wind resistance while and brings it more in line with the mainstream trends of energy conservation and environment protection. This product, with it’s immediate changeability, low energy use, long life span and great look makes it the perfect display product to use when striving to achieve a long-term, successful sustainable building development.  Compared with similar LED displays in the market, the 12mm has the thinnest edge and lowest weight cabinet that allows a very easy installation and greatly reduces the weight loads on the building as well. It has perfect gray scale performance even with very low screen brightness.

LED displays

Following the success of projects at the Stureplan building and Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, TransTech launched a third amazing product - the TransTech outdoor panoramic LED display. This panoramic LED display was fitted to the well-known building in Stockholm is now in use 24 hours a day. With it’s very unique shape, the panoramic LED display adds a splendid splash of color and motion to the landscape in Stockholm, a city known as the Venice of the North. TransTech’s customer appreciates it as being “a wonderful display masterpiece that will forever add charm of this building”.

This panoramic LED display is made with TransTech’s 6.25mm pixel pitch waterproof design and ultra-high brightness outdoor SMD LED light bars. The building’s sightseeing platform is fully covered all around the perimeter with TransTech’s outdoor P6.25 LED panels that thoroughly surround the splendid panorama of the platform. While people are on the platform enjoying the scenery of the street, there always will be someone on the street, who is attracted by the LED display on the platform looking up at them.

The customized appearance of the design delivers an amazing performance, and the TransTech craftsmanship enhances look and longevity of the screen. It can cost thousands of dollars to make even a small repair to displays installed like this, that is why it is critical to buy from a manufacturer that you know will deliver a super reliable product for the job. The panoramic LED display uses a large module design and simple mounting system to connect the cabinets to, avoides complex steel structures that add lots of cost and weight to the system. TransTech’s system can be easily resolve the “L” turning problem of traditional LED displays. TransTech creatively combines the structure with cabinets to reduce the difficulties in installation, save installation on the costs, and allows the panels to integrate well with the building. TransTech’s advanced design ideas, strict attitude about quality and precise mechanical construction have won it high praises from it’s customers. 

Transtech’s panoramic LED display is well-integrated with the unique style of the building and its creative appearance with vivid and colorful images. People on the streets of Stockholm will be attracted by this large LED advertising screen flying way above the streets allowing everyone to enjoy a wonderful visual feast 24/7/365.


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