Ancient building lighting project in Qianfo Temple Published:2015-12-28
Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Company takes itself as a creator of lighting art and culture and achieved great success in lighting applications. Successful cases include expressway, railway, tunnel, stadium, dork and other infrastructural projects. Jiangsu Retop is also has appreciated cases including mansions, business center, Square park and some other lighting design. With years of experience, excellent design, and high quality products, all the finished cases were highly prized by customers. 


For Qianfo Temple project, designers adopted projection lighting method to spread the light to the sky then enhance the complete picture of this building, which makes it easy to recognize at night. As to ancient buildings lighting design, protect the building not to get hurt from lamps installation is very important. Designers should consider whether over lighting will harm the colored drawing, wooden structure. At the same time, would rather hide the lamps in order to not disturb the ancient building aesthetic feeling. 



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