Transtech Delivers Outstanding Performance at LDI SHOW 2019 Published:2019-11-26

LDI SHOW 2019, the leading tradeshow for live design professionals from all around the globe, was held on Las Vegas Convention Center from November 22-24. Transtech (booth 2214), participated in the LDI SHOW 2019 with representative LedPoster series and Discovery-II series LED-TV, attracting attention of numerous attendees.

Well-arranged in matrix, rows of LedPosters make a wonderful way to greet people at the front of the booth. The LedPosters soon become the spotlight at the show-site when they light up. LedPoster is a highly integrated and portable LED display that specially developed for various HD display applications, including but not limited to exhibitions, clothing, jewelry, hotels, supermarkets and government agencies. Equipped with leading face recognition function, it greatly improves shopping experience by automatically switch advertisements based on customers’ needs. Different installations are available, such as floor-standing, base-standing, hanging, lifting, and other creative installations.

LedPoster supports different control methods, including cellphone WIFI USB and computer. It  takes only several seconds to upload or change the content on the display from a cellphone at anytime and anywhere. With high refresh rate of 2880Hz, wide viewing angle of 160° and high brightness of 1000 nits, LedPoster is viewable from a distance of 20 meters(about 63 feet).

Transtech’s LED-TV also attracts lots attendees with distinctive performance. LED-TV  adopts modular design and seamlessly splice to present uniform and even screen effect. The technology of wide range of color, deep contrast as well as broadcast-grade gray scale processing ability, contributes to colorful and vivid content that always brings users wonderful and profound visual experience. As a fine pitch LED display featured with high definition and ultra-wide viewing angle, is generally applied to indoor close viewing situations, such as business conference room, meeting presentation, home theatre and so on. At the show-site, LED-TV wins high praise for its HD performance and unique design.

Transtech's LED displays are familiar to more customers, and we take a solid step for broadcasting TRT brand towards the world through the LDI show. Transtech will continue to provide world-class-quality LED screens to customers.