Advertising LED Display Published:2019-11-12

The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors. With unique advantages, advertising LED display has gradually replaced traditional signage, three-side billboards, light boxes and other social medias, being the new trends of the advertising media industry. Traditional advertising medias provide a platform for displaying text and images, while LED display combines text, images, flash, video, audio, and has incomparable advantages of high definition, high brightness, vivid colors and innovative design. Advertising contents on LED display is outstanding and impressive, easy to attract more attention, gaining more advertisement revenue. Advertising LED display is widely used in the  following major fields:

1. expressway advertising

Outdoor LED advertising on the side of expressway could easy attract attention and make a profound impression. For many years, Transtech’s outdoor LED displays, including Legend Series, Ranger Series and Explorer-II Series, have impressed every passers-by due to the features of wide viewing angle, strong visual impact, adjustable brightness and HD image. Benefit from the adjustable brightness, LED displays on the side of expressway can be clearly seen anytime, day or night.

2. building advertising

Building advertising has become more and more popular in recent years. It’s easy to find the LED walls on tall buildings or landmarks in prosperous business center. Transtech has lots project references in this field, including but not limited to the P8 SMD LED display tailored for the EDS offline experience store in Zhongshan, China, the Legend Series LED mesh designed for the famous building in Mannheim, Germany, the Ranger series advertising screen of the CBD building in Seoul, Korea, the fixed outdoor advertising LED display in Stockholm, Sweden, and so on. Transtech has designed different lighting solutions according to the characteristics of different buildings, and has won high praise.

3. commercial street advertising

Commercial street is a prime location in a district with large population density and various stores. Advertising LED display helps bringing out the greatest value of commercial streets. Transtech’s advertising LED displays have outstanding performance in domestic and international commercial streets.

LED display is essential for adverting in shopping malls. It is no exaggeration to say that LED display becomes the most important adverting platform for shopping malls. The performance of the Transtech’s Discovery Series small pitch LED display is  impressive. It supports bracket-standing installation, which can be a LED TV. HD images and rich picture details attract lots of customers for shopping malls. In addition, Transtech’s LedPoster makes great contribution to the store advertising. It supports a variety of installation methods, such as base standing, bracket standing, hanging, wall mounting and creative installation, to meet different installation requirements. It only takes 10 seconds or less to upload the contents on the display. LedPoster is widely used for store window display, brand advertising, product promotion, being the preferred choice for more and more shops and stores.

4. stations advertising 

LED display plays an essential role in conveying news, broadcasting, information display, and advertising in the airports, harbors, railway stations, bus terminals, subway stations, etc. Advertising LED display entered the transportation field and has made great achievements in recent years. Trantech team designed, manufactured and installed two LED displays in the Terminal E5, Arlanda, Stockholm. The project adopts P8 outdoor fixed LED screens, playing HD broadcast promotional films and advertising information, which is an eye-catching name card of Stockholm.

Indoor advertising display in stations becoming increasingly popular. They are widely used in the waiting room, ticket lobby, platform and other places. Transtech’s Discovery Series LED display in Swedish airport lounge has got high praise for its HD image, adjustable brightness, high contrast and comfortable viewing effect.