Transtech Conducted Fire Drill at Work Published:2019-07-25

Regular fire drills, which help prepare people for a real emergency, are necessary for companies, schools, and offices. In order to further strengthen the awareness of fire prevention and safety education, Transtech and other companies in Jugao Technology Park co-organized a fire drill with Shenzhen Fire Control Bureau. 

As important as fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire safety signs, fire drill is an indirect, but equally significant, form of fire protection and aim to protect everyone who works within factory building from the devastating consequences of fire. Behaving correctly in a fire drill will train employees to respond calmly and safely in the unlikely event of a real fire.

This fire drill was under the directions of firemen, who showed on-site the fire self-rescue, and taught how to put out a fire with different fire-fighting equipment, including but not limited to the fire hose, fire-fighting lance and fire extinguisher. It comes the fire drill after the detailed explanations and wonderful performances of the firemen. Under the guidance, the employees put out the fire with fire extinguisher step by step. The firemen also corrected the mistakes that occurred during the actual operation, so that all participants mastered the methods of fire-fighting.

All employees realized the importance of fire prevention work and mastered the basis skills of self-rescue and fire-fighting through this fire drill. It is important to conduct fire drills regularly and  make sure everyone knows what the proper procedure is. As a responsible and reliable enterprise, Transtech insists on creating a safe working condition for every employee.