ISA 2019 Published:2019-05-09

The International Sign Expo was held this year on April 24-26 in Las Vegas, attracting thousands of industry-leading companies from all over the world to participated in. Transtechs innovative LedPoster was a major focus at the show for its competitive price, high-quality materials, integrated structure, flexible mounting stand, as well as outstanding performance. As an application-oriented LED display, Transtechs LedPoster can meet the needs of different application scenes, from retail stores to apartment halls,  government offices and etc.

Brilliant color contributes to more vivid and high-definition display contents. Innovative technologies, coupled with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship from Transtech team, make Ledposter distinctive from other similar products. It supports individual display or cascaded display for single and multiple Ledposters. The latest seamless design makes theres no gaps when splicing from one to another.

The integrated, all-in-one LedPoster is only 70 lbs. or 32KG, which is convenient to move around as needed and it only takes one person to install. It supports various installations, such as floor-standing, bracket-standing, wall-mounting, and lifting. The equipped bracket can be adjusted to accommodate different installation needs, convenient and practical. 4000:1 high contrast ratio and 3840Hz high refresh rate contribute to flicker-free HD images and comfortable viewing experience. The display contents can be switched and adjusted anytime and anywhere by telephone, computer, USB or WIFI. It also supports multi-screen cascading, where 6 LedPosters can be cascaded into a single 16:9 aspect ratio display.

Equipped with face recognition function, LedPoster can automatically identify the gender of target customers, and accurately adjust marketing information based on different customer groups. It could help gain maximum advertising benefits from the customer-tailored advertisement. Transtechs technicians are leading the way in the field to exploring more customized functions in the future.

Transtech was proud to present our latest LED products to everyone at the ISA show 2019. People from all over the world gathering together at the show will continue to accelerate the pace of internationalization of the LED display industry. The show also provides a great opportunity for Transtech to meet our regular customers and develop potential customers,  and to fulfill our mission to deliver products with world-class quality.