Transtech LedPoster Shining at ISA2019 Published:2019-04-30

The ISA International Sign Expo 2019 was held in Las Vegas from 24-26 April, with thousands of industry-leading companies participated in. As a leading innovative-oriented company in the LED display industry, Transtech made the first attempt to explore the advertising sign market with featured product LedPoster, bringing wonderful visual feast to attendees.

Featured with intelligent and innovative design, high-definition and delicate image quality, as well as flexible and convenient control methods, Transtech LedPoster has got high reputation in the LED display market, and attracted more and more fans. LedPoster adopts integrated design with only 32KG total weight, convenient for move and installation. It supports various installations such as floor-standing, hanging, bracket standing, lifting and etc. The equipped supporting bracket can be slightly adjusted for various installation purposes, convenient and practical. 4000:1 high contrast ratio and 3840Hz refresh rate contribute to ultra HD picture. Display content can be adjusted anytime and anywhere by telephone, computer, USB and WIFI. It also supports multi-screen cascading, 6 screens easily cascade into 16:9 aspect ratio display.

Transtech technicians also displayed the face recognition function of LedPoster, bringing unprecedented interactive experience to the attendees, and winning high praise.

Transtech showed the charm of made-in-China LED products to customers all over the world at the ISA International Sign Expo 2019. We will continue to accelerates the pace of internationalization for LED display industry, at the same time, will fulfill the mission to deliver products with world-class quality.