Transtech Showcased Latest LED Displays at ISE2019 Published:2019-02-13

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2019) was held at the RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 5th to 8th February, 2019.

Along with other manufactures of AV and systems integration from all over the world, Transtech, an innovative representative company in the LED industry, exhibited a series of self-developed LED displays, including fine pitch Discovery-Ⅱ, LedPoster, Legend LED mesh and other customized models.  

With excellent product quality and leading design concept, Transtech LED displays attracted high attention and won recognition of the TRT brand from customers around the world , marching a solid step towards world brand.

Discovery Ⅱ LED TV Series

Transtech Discovery Ⅱ LED TV series enjoy continuous praises by excellent quality and perfect display effect. Featured with patent front maintenance design and high gray scale performance under low brightness, this fine pitch LED display is widely applied in commercial display occasions, such as conference rooms, broadcast studios, Visual command scheduling system, airport stations and so on.

LedPoster Series

LedPoster series process characteristics of synchronous/asynchronous compatibility, plug and play as well as internet integrated management, supporting various installations such as standing, hanging, leaning, lifting, jointing and etc. 

It is worth mentioning that Transtech and ISE organizer had reached strategic cooperation, that is, Transtech LedPosters be placed on the main aisles of the exhibition halls as creative guide boards during exhibition.


Explorer Ⅱ Series

Explorer Ⅱ series are made of magnesium alloy material, ensuring good heat dissipation as well as energy saving. Unique cabinet design supports front and rear maintenance available. Explorer Ⅱ series is applicable to rental and fixed installations.  

Legend Series LED Mesh

With features of light-weight and transparent, Legend Series LED mesh displays are 50% to 70% lighter than traditional LED displays, and the total thickness of the structure is less than 110mm. Unique cabinet design is conductive to quick installation.

In 2019, Transtech will continue to speed up the internationalization of the LED industry and deliver products with world-class quality.