Enjoy Visual Feast, Transtech in ISR 2017, Moscow Published:2017-11-03

On 31st October 2017, Integrated Systems Russia was opened in Moscow Expo Center. Transtech selected its knock-out products DISCOVERY fine pitch LED display, Legend LED mesh, iPoster to one of the best and professional international LED events held in Russia. Transtech team presented delicate Chinese product to global AV audiences.

Attracted by natural & pure booth design and various sizes colorful LED display, visitors gathered around G-03 booth to enjoy visual beauty. Transtech LED mesh, with ultra slim design and competitive price, attracted many eyes. iPoster - all new digital poster delivered delicate image quality in various installations including hanging, wall-mounted, base standing, cascade assembly. Fine pitch LED video wall Discovery presented exquisite realistic image quality to visitors. With all attractive products and design, Transtech booth was crowded with visitors who asked for more information about structure and price.

Discovery P1.9 won many attentions with its 1920x720 image resolution, HD & fine image quality. Adopts 16:9 ratio design, achieve 2K/4k/8k easily. Patent front service saves cost and CNC processing technology guarantees precision and flatness. 

Transtech all new digital poster- iPoster achieved hanging, wall-mounted, base stand, cascade assembly easily. With HD image and multiple flexible installations, phone controlled, high brightness, ultra slim design …… all advantages, iPoster caught many attentions at the show.

Legend LED mesh adopts strip shape and hollow design which ensure transparency. With 30%-60% lighter than traditional LED display, thinnest part only 12mm, LED mesh reduce building load effectively. The installation of LEGEND LED mesh is quite simple, which needed only one kind bolt, two components and three steps to finish installation. Legend is mainly adopted in building exterior wall, glass curtain wall, sightseeing lifts, window display, stage background, urban landscape and so on.


fine pitch LED display


LED mesh