Transtech Shared iPoster Decorated 2017 China Sports Culture Expo Published:2017-09-30

From 23rd to 25th September, three-day duration 2017 China Sports Culture Expo & China Sports Tourism Expo was opened in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Transtech attended this grand expo in sports area by invitation. Transtech team brought shared iPoster- the platform of information public to promote sports resources, culture and sports tourism construction achievements.

The whole pavilion was separated into various areas including sports and cultural area, provincial sports culture and tourism area, ethnic area and brand culture & city boutiques area. As the great display platform in this expo, Transtech shared iPoster demonstrates historical and splendid traditional Chinese sports by the theme of the “Olympic torch carries”, the picture of torch and medals and achievements of sports resources, culture and sports tourism. Visitors felt like walking through the history of China’s sports development and experienced the flourishing development states of Chinese sports.

Transtech shared iPoster adopts base stand installation, bracket stand and multiple screens cascade in the spot. When using multiple screens cascade installation, iPoster became fine pitch LED video wall, when adopting bracket stand installation, it became a digital poster. Transtech iPoster received many praise for its HD image delivery and video, image switch freely.

In addition, shared iPoster has many convenient features including plug & play, mobile control, upload image in 10S, multiple installations: wall-mounted, bracket stand, hanging, cascade assembly and so on. With 1200nits brightness which 3 times brighter than indoor LCD display, super slim design, low power consumption, shared iPoster is perfect in bright occasions.