All New Application Terminal- Transtech Digital Poster in E-smart Ecosystem Expo Published:2017-08-02

On 27th July, E-smart Ecosystem Expo 2017, held by China Telecom and Qualcomm, opened on Canton Fair Exhibition. Transtech iPoster-sharing appeared at booth 13.2 D15 and promoted the ecologic cooperation by presenting the relevant content at the fair. iPoster sharing, as an all new way of advertising, makes the expo more attractive.

In 2017, 5G is coming, 100M broadband is spreading, Internet of things is upcoming……The appearance of Transtech iPoster sharing bring new changes and chance to industry. As the first LED display manufacturer who proposes the idea of iPoster LED display sharing, Transtech attracted many attentions on the Expo by easy operation and colorful display image of iPoster. Visitors and exhibitors showed great interest in iPoster and ask for more information at the spot.

Transtech team showed features of iPoster, the easy operation, homemade content, controlled by phone, plug and play. With sharing mode, the content of iPoster including pictures, video and flash and their play, pause and replay can all be controlled by phone. Combined with back office content management, you can update and sync publish the content and achieve free play at anytime, anywhere.

On the Expo, with multiple installations, Transtech iPoster showed stand by own with built-in bracket and thus play the advertising by single display. It can also be splicing into 16:9 LED advertising display by cascading. 

In addition to standing and splicing, iPoster can be haning, wall-mounted, bracket standing, pedestal standing, achieved convenient installation. With fine adjustment of built-in bracket, iPoster can meet different application requirements. Iposter can be applied to hotel, canteen, supermarket, government, medical and entertainment places. 

Transtech subsidiary company New Top 3D offers glass-free 3D visual feast to audience with 85 inch, 65 inch and 27 inch glass-free 3D LED display. With built-in computer in the display design, glass-free 3D can achieve plug and play, switch by one button. With built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, the network link and content management would be easier. At the same time, glass-free 3D display can be customized, applied at airport, station, banking, building and mall.