Problems of DOOH advertising in second- or third-tier cities Published:2016-04-29

Because of the regional economic and cultural differences, there is obvious difference between cities. In big cities there are mature management measures on outdoor advertising development, however in those second and third class cities outdoor advertising is still in the stage of development, the relevant management measures is not comprehensive enough, there are also many problems.

First, there is poor environment fusion. Walking along the streets in the city, colorful LED billboards, a variety of advertisements in different specifications, all these give audience a feeling of complex, chaotic, crowded. A large number of stores recruit card set randomly, churning out, unable to effectively combine with outdoor advertising carrier, which weakened the function of the outdoor advertising beautify the urban environment. What's more, many buildings are covered by the three-dimensional surface outdoor advertising outside, but advertising forms, specifications, color are not coordinate with architectural style, or lack of characteristic and individual character, processing technology is not high, which not only destroyed the appearance of the building itself, but also to the surrounding environment by caused a acosmia feeling.

Second, lack of creative advertisements. Mention about the outdoor advertising, we usually think of big advertising pictures, large LED equipment, POP, and other forms of advertising. However, advertising creative, design, production, distribution, technology content is low, the lack of modern meaning. The so-called new media advertising is only in the media form has the characteristics of new media, but advertising content and form is lack of creativity, just simply transplanted on other media advertising content and forms, no real creation. However, creativity is the soul of advertising, advertising is not only a science, it is also an art, and appreciation of advertising is more likely to be accepted by the audience. The current era of information overload, outdoor advertising to further attract consumer attention, you need to return to the nature of advertising, seeking truly creative innovation, rather than just rely on media form innovation.

To solve the above two problems, there are some suggestions as the LED display enterprises could set up a contents design team to provide one package service including LED products design and manufacturing, installation, advertisement design and after-sale service. When design the advertisements, to take the environment condition into full consideration and try to fit the surrounding even make it more attractive.