Transtech Outdoor LED Posters “Stand” for Tianjin Smart City Project Published:2015-10-21

To cooperate with Tianjin city intelligent lighting systemoperator, Transtech finished the project of P5 LED poster in Tianjin. Thisproject is completed by Transtech independently from design, productmanufacturing, installation and test. At the day of project closeout, HuangXinguo, the mayor of Tianjin City accompanied some other government leaders cameon site and gave a high praise of the project.

This project adopted 5mm TRT O-Vision Series. With uniquedesign of double sides screen, this unit measures at 1.024sqm for one side, and 2.048sqm in total. Transtech installed 200 pieces, 410sqm for the first period ofthis project.

 LED Poster

The unique cabinet design features this LED display.

1.     Super light and slim Die-casting aluminum cabinet with afast lock facilitates the installation rapid and removal of the display.

2.     Double-sided symmetrical design makes good use of spacewhile maintaining the equilibrium of the whole unit.

3.     Embedded with LAN, WIFI, 3G/4G intelligent managementsystem, and employing ad network, these LED posters can display contents intelligently.


TRT P5 LED Posters are with high IP level. Uniquewaterproof cabinet is designed for a variety of outdoor environments. The cabinethas a good moisture corrosion resistance ability which can be used in theseaside with high humidity and high salinity air environments as well asstation terminals and other harsh conditions. 

LED Poster

LED Poster

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