Outdoor LED display in Shenzhen, China Published:2015-06-16

At night, it is dark with moonlight,everything falls in sleep. Sky in the night is so quiet and beautiful, starsare blinking. Also another thing is still shining, shining like an elf to giveout its light gentlely. Trees, roads and houses are covered in this soft light. Passerby coming home late are attracted to this magic scene as well as thespeeding cars. This shinning elf is a large LED display.

This outdoor LED display employing O-Vision series is ideal wherever longviewing distances are required. With special louver design, allowing outdoor daytime use and improve contrast without sacrifice viewing angle. Except the excellent display at night, Transtech O-Vision series performs well in daytime. With the advanced color processing technology, audiences can get theexcellent images even under direct sunlight.