Transtech's LED Project in Kashi International Convention & Exhibition Center Published:2020-04-14

Transtech recently has launched a new LED display project in Kashi International Convention & Exhibition Center, Xinjiang Province. Creative design and excellent performance of featured products have added a splendid landscape in Kashi city and impressed every passer-by all the time. This project not only fully demonstrates the outstanding achievements of border area construction by government, but also enhances the sense of happiness of ethnic groups.

All LED displays in this project are independently designed and developed by Transtech, among which include classic Ledposter Series, Legend Series LED mesh, and Discovery-II Series LED-TV. With total area of 800 square meters(about 8611 sq.ft), the LED project has demonstrated a distinctive and colorful scene of Kashi city.

Installed at both sides of the Kashi International Convention & Exhibition Center, LedPoster makes for a wonderful way to greet people at the entrance. LedPoster is a highly integrated and portable LED display developed by Transtech. Equipped with leading technology and face recognition function, LedPoster integrates technologies of data collection, data mining and intelligent analysis. It is widely applied in various fields including but not limited to exhibitions, clothing, jewelry, hotels, supermarkets and government agencies. Under the guidance of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association(COEMA), Transtech set universal standards of LedPosters for industry references, making LedPosters more competitive.

The Legend Series LED mesh is installed above the main entrance with a total area of 200㎡. The 16/25mm pixel pitch LED video wall offers over 6500cd/m²of brightness while maintaining a high transparency that brings content to life. Wide viewing angle, rich colors, vivid image and smooth video stream makes the large LED screen more distinctive and attractive. Legend series LED mesh adopts aluminum alloy material, 30%-60% lighter than traditional LED displays. The hollow strip design effectively reduces wind drag, contributing to high transparency and environment protection. LED mesh has become the best replacement of traditional outdoor LED displays and three-sided billboards, being the new trends of creative display for urban landmark architecture.

Discovery-II Series LED-TV is installed on the side wall of the exhibition hall with an area of 500 square meters(about 5382 sq.ft). Thanks to Transtech’s exclusive seamless splicing technology, the surface of screen is smooth and flat. The technology of wide range of color, deep contrast as well as broadcast-grade gray scale processing ability, contributes to colorful and vivid content that always brings audience wonderful and profound visual experience. High-end display system is used to provide a more stable and professional video stream. 2K/4K/8K resolution is available, based on different needs.

Transtech's innovative and expressive LED screens contributes to the success of the LED project in Kashi International Convention & Exhibition Center. With continuous endeavor and innovation, Transtech will also have excellent performance in other large scale projects in the future.