Transtech’s LED displays in Shanghai Published:2020-02-26

Recently, Transtech’s LED displays tailored for the HAITONG UNITRUST Building in Shanghai has been completed and put into use.

Located in the top financial business district, the HAITONG UNITRUST Building is one of the landmarks of modernity and prosperity thanks to its distinctive appearance design. Transtech participated in the LED display project of the building with Discovery-II Series(P1.2, P1.5 and P1.9) small pitch LED-TV, glass-free 3D display and P3.91 floor LED display.

The 62.5m2 HD screen mounted on the wall applies Transtech’s  Discovery-II Series LED-TV. Features of high definition, high contrast and high brightness contributes to the splendid live video, bringing contents to live. On the floor is the P3.91 floor LED display, which perfectly goes well with the wall video.

Installed in the conference room is a P1.2mm Discovery-II Series LED-TV with a total area of 32m2. It supports different file formats, including text, image, flash, video, and etc. Some P1.2mm LED-TV with a total area of 28m2 is installed in the hall to display classic oil paintings, attracting everyone’s attention thanks to the features of rich colors, HD picture details and high brightness.

Two Discovery-II Series LED-TV in 6K resolution are installed in the restaurant, which creates comfortable dining environment to the staffs. At the building entrance can find Transtech’s glass-free 3D LED display greeting people by vivid 3D images and videos, bringing fresh visual experience to every visitor.

The LED display project in HAITONG UNITRUST Building not only presents Transtech’s abundant high-quality products, but also shows Transtech’s advanced technology in field of LED display. In the future, Transtech will endeavour to develop latest LED technology and create more customer-oriented LED screens.