Legend Curved LED Display in Macao Published:2019-07-19

Transtech successfully finish a curved LED display project in Macao, decorating the building with an eye-catching LED mesh display.

The project applies Transtech’s Legend series LED mesh display with pixel pitch of P8-16(H-W). Thanks to Transtech’s technology for a wide range of color and deep contrast, the curved LED display delivers vivid images at every moment, attracting numerous passers-by.

Legend LED mesh display is one of the self-developed products innovated by Transtech’s professional technology team. Aluminum material and simple steel structure makes it 30%-60% lighter than traditional displays, substantially saving installation cost. As an outstanding outdoor LED product, Legend series LED mesh displays have great performance under severe weather conditions, including but not limited to typhoon and tornado, rainstorm, sand storm, thunderstorm, extreme high or low temperature.

Multiple tests are routinely performed at several stages during manufacture to insure stability and durability. The hollow design light bar ensures the high transparency and strong wind load. It features a 120 degree viewing angle and adjustable screen brightness, presenting wonderful visual feast at any time at day or night. Legend series are mainly applied in the outdoor large-size screen wall, such as building exterior wall, glass curtain wall, sightseeing lifts, window displays, stage background, architecture lighting and etc.

The colorful curved LED display is well match the building. Customers speak very highly of this project and they look forward to further cooperation with Transtech in the future.

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