LedPosters Serve the Seattle International Conference Published:2019-06-17

Subsequent to the project of the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles, Transtech recently launched another amazing project in United States - designing LedPoster integrated system solutions for the Seattle International Conference.

Along with VER and PSAV, professional LED rental companies in United States, Transtech designs and implements the LED display solution for the Seattle International Conference. Dozens of LedPosters are respectively placed on all 7 floors, delivering more than 300 different contents to the attendees. All LedPosters are centralized controlled and managed by the network integrated system that supports remote control.

The LedPosters are mainly served as intelligent information display during the Seattle International Conference where accommodates ten thousands people. It improves the quality of service by enhancing brand influence, information spreading and direction guidance.

LedPoster is a highly integrated portable LED display product specially developed for indoor HD display applications. Different installations are available, such as floor-standing, base-standing, hanging, lifting, and other creative installations. It supports synchronized or asynchronous display, and six sets of LedPosters can be cascaded into 16:9 aspect ratio. 

The success of this project is a great demonstration for Transtech’s product strategy of “Foucus”. The U.S. branch company of Transtech has been expanded the U.S. market and committed to provide one-stop service to local customers. In the future, Transtech will continue to speed up the internationalization of the LED industry and provide LED screens with world-class quality. 


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