Transtech Explorer-II Series Rental LED Displays Decorated Qatar Motor Show Published:2019-01-27

Recently, the 8th edition Qatar Motor Show was successfully held at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. Transtech Explorer-Ⅱ Series Rental LED Displays presented as advertising media, delivering a wonderful visual feast for audience and getting rave reviews. 

This project adopted Transtech Explorer-Ⅱ Series P3.9mm rental LED displays, which is made of magnesium alloy material, ensuring light-weight cabinet for rental purpose. The technology of low brightness and high gray scale effectively reduces energy consumption and heating, extends working life, and ensures smooth operation of the screen. The cabinet is quick and easy to install, supports front maintenance, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Explorer-Ⅱ LED display applies SMD LED type, patented production technology, and internal wiring design, differentiating from other similar products in the market. 5000:1 high contrast and high refresh rate enable smooth and natural screen switch and transition, as well as HD definition display. Featured with 140 degree wide viewing angle and adjustable screen brightness, it enables audience to enjoy rich, soft and vivid visual experience. It can be widely used in exhibitions, performance stages, shopping malls, CBD and other indoor and outdoor advertising scenes.

With high definition and refresh rate, Explorer-Ⅱ series delivers high-quality image, bringing unique viewing experience to audience. All LED displays are installed in various ways to display unique features of motors based on different booth design. Compared with traditional wallpapers, dynamic LED screen could help attract more viewers to know more about the products. One on-site salesman said that the dynamic advertising of Explorer-Ⅱ not only help attract customers, but also add more charms to the show. 

With the experience of advertising in Qatar Motor Show, it further accelerates the pace of internationalization for Transtech products, at the same time, Transtech also fulfills the mission to deliver products with made-in-China price and world-class quality.