Transtech Legend LED Mesh Made a Momentous Appearance in Mannheim, Germany Published:2018-12-29

Recently, Transtech Legend LED mesh designed for the well-known building in Mannheim, Germany has been put into use. The colorful 300㎡ LED display integrates well with the building, being a unique scenery to the crowded street of the city.

This project adopts Transtech Legend P1616 LED mesh that featured with high definition, vivid and dynamic display, presenting a perfect visual feast for numerous passers-by. The LED mesh display automatically adapts to various environment, always keeps perfect performance no matter day and night. Ultra-high permeability, wide viewing angle, brilliant color and high contrast ratio make it an eye-catching symbol of the building even from distance. As a new generation display project, LED mesh has become the best display to replace traditional LED displays and three sided billboards. It is the new trend of creative display for urban landmark architecture. Large size screen and dynamic advertising spread information successfully, giving a strong visual impact and making a profound impression to passers-by as well. Customers speak highly of this excellent project and look forward to further cooperation with Transtech in the future.

The LED mesh adopts high-quality aluminium alloy kit and exquisite processing technology, guaranteeing good heat dissipation. IP67 front and IP65 rear design protects it from extreme weather. Ultra-high permeability and transmittance reduce wind resistance effectively, more in line with the mainstream of energy conservation and environment protection and achieves long-term sustainable development.  Compared with similar LED displays in the market, 12mm thinnest edge and ultra lightweight cabinet enables easy installation and greatly reduces the building load as well. It has perfect gray scale performance under low brightness, can meet various broadcasting requirements, presenting best visual effects.

With superior display performance and excellent quality, Transtech products are highly recognized and favored by customers. The success of this project marks that Transtech Legend products fully comply with EU Standards and formally enter the European mainstream market. Transtech expects more representative projects in the future to bring customers more wonderful visual experiences and lead the new era of LED display.