Transtech Outdoor LED Display Decorated Streets in Seoul, Korea Published:2017-12-01

As the development of social economy, the needs for more distinctive and novel advertising forms are increasing. Bringing audience for advertising impressive impression, outdoor LED display gradually becomes major platform of outdoor advertising and offers multiple and rich show forms. Recently, Transtech outdoor LED wall appeared in Seoul street and with its HD image quality, gorgeous colors, it caught many eyes and won the praise from advertiser. 

Adopted 10.4mm pixel pitch, the whole screen area was up to 59 ㎡and wall-mounted on one side wall in Seoul CBD. The whole video wall decorated the CBD from top just like colorful picture fell from sky. The outdoor LED display adopts LED lamp and brightness is up to 6500cd/㎡. The excellent color reproduction, color consistency, wide viewing angle all makes the product classic and popular between advertisers.