Transtech LED Displays Cheer for Mongolia's Presidential Election of 2017 Published:2017-05-10

Before the Mongolia's presidential election of 2017, Transtech presents a wonderful gift – 132.5㎡ LED video wall, the largest indoor video wall in Mongolia. This video wall was designed and installed in building of People’s Party, ulan bator. This case embodies the faith of Transtech, "made-in-China Price and World-class quality"

In this project, the center display (107.5㎡) adopts P3 indoor full color fixed LED display and two sides displays (25㎡) adopt P5 indoor full color rental LED display. The whole screen is using seamless splicing technology to offer flat screen. After lighting, the whole video wall presents perfect image quality with rich colors and stable & fluent play. The high-end display system guarantees the stable play during election. These three LED displays bring visual impact of solemn atmosphere to the hall and will witness the birth of Mongolia's new president.

Transtech finished the project and overcome the difficulties of short time with rich project experience. To meet the strict requirements of Mongolia official, Transtech team design the installation structure according to spot condition and arrange the construction progress reasonably. Finally, the project was finished with good quality in advance and guarantees the presidential election. 

According to the Mongolia's constitution, the president of Mongolia is elected for a 4-year term with the right to two re-elections. Incumbent president was elected on 25th May,2009 and re-elected in 2013, so this election in 2017 will have the new president.