Transtech LEGEND LED appeared in Taizhou, Zhejiang Published:2016-12-30

Lately, Transtech’s LED mesh was used as outdoor advertising screen for smart mall in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. The simple and aesthetic appearance attracted many eyes. With easy installation and maintenance, stable performance, LED mesh met the needs of customers and received approval and acceptance.

In this project, Transtech P16.667/16.667mm was adopted to splice 45㎡ screen. To save more room and meet the needs of easy & quick maintenance, in-wall back frame design was adopted without sacrificing the display effectiveness. The simple structure and light cabinet contributed to easy installation and remove.

Developed by Transtech team, Legend series LED mesh adopts aluminum material and unique heat dissipation design which all guarantee the transparency. The hollow design and strip shape make it ever lighter than traditional display. 30%-60% lighter than traditional one, reduce the structure load and installation cost. It needs only 10 seconds to install or remove a cabinet with maintenance tools; fool-proofing design, easy installation. Legend series can be applied in exterior wall of building, heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage.