Transtech Sponsored LED Display to Duyun Stadium, Guizhou Province to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Qiannan Statehood Published:2016-07-01

Recently, Transtech outdoor SMD LED display series show in the Duyun Stadium, GuihZhou. The displays were installed in individual frame prop in nearly 200 square meters. To insure the project carry out on time for 60th anniversary celebration, Transtech team devoted themselves to the project and tried their best to improve the building scheme and safety. 

The project combined load-bearing with aesthetic requirements which reflected in the individual frame prop installation. With light cabinets, steel structure and IP65 design, the products own proper seam compensation adjustment and can withstand various outdoor extreme weather. The LED displays equip with light sensitization which guarantees it can auto-adjust according the surrounding brightness fluctuation to achieve energy saving and better viewing.

During the tournament, good image and acoustics on the competition notice and advertisements broadcasting lighten up the exciting atmosphere. The audience in every corner can enjoy the competition despite of the place limitation thanks to the wide viewing angle and HD image.

Transtech LED display connected to the referee and scoring system which guarantees audience the real time broadcasting in multi-screens. LED displays bring the audience a feast for viewing through presenting the exciting competition, ever slow motion replay and close-up shot.

Qiannan Sports Center, the estimated total investment of 780 million yuan with level B architecture design which used for national sport and regional competition. The stadium equipped with standard football ground and 400 meters track along with basketball hall, swimming pool, badminton and so on.