High-pole Lamp Project in Longtan Port, Nanjing Published:2016-03-24

Longtan port located in the Yangtze River shore, Qixia district in Nanjing Longtan Street, is an important part of Nanjing port. With the largest container port area of the Yangtze River, Longtan port owns the highest degree modernization of the special container port, and it is the only port to import and export Nanjing area.

Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd is specializing in architectural landscape lighting & qualified with National Class-A Construction Certification, invested by Transtech LED Co.,Ltd who is experienced at digital out of home (OOH media) media broadcasting. The High-Pole Lamp project in Longtan Port is undertook by Jiangsu Retop with a total project cost near 8 million RMB. High-Pole Lamps installed in Longtan Port are used for Loading and Unloading Operation, thus it is highly demand on lamp brightness especially under rainy and foggy weather. Besides, the installation is with much difficulty. High-Pole lamps are installed with a pole which is higher than 15m, and it requires good cooperation between lamps, embedded electric layout and the high-pole. Jiangsu Retop is with the national urban and road lighting engineering contracting qualification, plus high quality talents, the Longtan Port project is highly appreciated by the customer with well done installation.