Shanghai Nan Zheng Building Indoor P3 LED Display Project Published:2016-01-21

Shanghai Nan Zheng Building is a comprehensive modern mansion located in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai City Center. Equipped with business, entertainment facilities, plus the superior location advantages, Nan Zheng Building attracts a lot well-known brands.

Lately, there is some change inside this tall modern building. It welcomes an indoor P3 LED display installed in the hall, which is provided by the new brand Transtech. This LED display adopted Transtech Indoor series with pixel pitch 3mm, adopted wall embedded installation and it is used to display Social hot news and public service advertising. The brightness and sharp images attract every audience pass by. Although it is with small size, but the customer is highly demanded on color processing, and hope every audience can get HD TV level visual effect. 
Transtech indoor series Features:
1. Special mask design prevents light-reflection, a must for indoor application with strong ambient lightings.
2. Black 3-in-1 SMD, allowing wide viewing angle and provide high-contrast images.
3. With option of front or rear access, front service with magnet.

4. Flexible on size of cabinets & modules which makes customize design never be so easy.