Transtech P10 Outdoor LED Display project for Shanghai Huamulvcheng Jinxiulanting Residential Districts Published:2016-01-20

Huamulvcheng Jinxiulanting residential districts is located in the Century Park, close to the Pudong Administrative Center, easily catch the line of international fashion life in Lujiazui. The architectures are with Franch New-classical architectural style aiming at creating a comfortable and international life.

Transtech provided a P10 outdoor SMD LED display for Huamulvcheng Jinxiulanting in Shanghai. After test and put through electricity, this LED display offered superior resolution for the premier outdoor venues. The TRT outdoor series delivers spectacular brightness with an ultra-high contrast ratio, producing excellent image resolution and uniformity, plus super wide viewing angles. The P10’s industry-leading technology is economically compelling and environmentally aware, resulting in LED video that creates impact with the audiences but not the environment.