Building lighting project in Hutai Business Center, Hebei Province Published:2015-12-24
Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Transtech, which owns years of lighting design, installations. Successful cases range from square lighting design, architectural lighting design, and modern building lighting design. For the Hutai project, as it is a modern city CBD, our designers want to deliver this charm to every potential customer then use dynamic video to enhance this building among other buildings. Gold color can express its luxury and attract more and more people. 


Futai Shopping Mall is the key project of Hebei government, and it owns 700,000sqm building area. Equipped with business office, departments, supermarkets, this comprehensive business center is a good place for both citizens and tourists. “Green lighting” is the concept in mind. To ensure the cost and the visual effect, environment friendly products will be our first choice. After many adjustments, this project finally got finished. Customers were really satisfied with this project.