Lighting Project in Lijiang New Town Published:2015-12-11
Lijiang New Town is a gathering of ancient architectures. When handling this project, designers of Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd, one of the subsidiaries of Transtech, adopted outline lighting and flood lighting method to enhance the details of these ancient architectures. Use lighting to display that fluent curve and the eaves. Besides, the lighting straightly.

When handling ancient architectural lighting project, one thing cannot be ignored is the protection of ancient architectures. Therefore, the designer should pay attention to whether the use of the light source will damage the building. With particular attention to avoid infrared, ultraviolet and excessive lighting damage the ancient buildings painted and wood structure. At the same time, avoid mechanical damage. The best way is to hide the lamps and avoid damage to ancient architectures, but also not to hurt the beauty of them. The designer of Jiangsu Retop will make lighting plan according to structural features, decorative materials, decorative patterns and locating environment.