Da Yue Town in Yantai, Shandong Published:2015-12-08
Da Yue Town is a comprehensive business center which consists of large shopping mall, residence community, hotels and so on. Da Yue Town is also a urban complex where can realize shopping, entertainment, leisure, delicious food, and other outdoor relaxations. With the great cooperation with many other well known business centers, Da Yue Town is aim at improving the life quality in this city.

When taking this project in hand, the designers of Jiangsu Retop Lighting Company, one of the subsidiaries of Transtech, takes this architectural feature into consideration and adopted special lighting method to design this project. To make it an excellent combination of static and dynamic light, highlight its entire fashionable building charm, our designers employed the new lighting lamps. When the night comes, people seat in these colorful lights, feeling the warm light and love!