Lighting Project in Qinniwaqiao Business Center in Dalian City Published:2015-12-07

Qinniwaqiao business center is the best well-known business center in Dalian. Featured with long business history, equipped with Dashang pedestrian mall and Shengli underground pedestrian mall, Qinniwaqiao business center is the most popular shopping center in Dalian.


Jiangsu Retop lighting company, one of the subsidiaries of Transtech, always has the design concept as “Refer to history, Think about today, Imagine the future and Experience culture” in mind. To extract the most local design elements with full of era characteristics and then use the most proper lighting technique and make the night more beautiful.

Night lighting design must first meet the security. All the lights line should be hidden. The whole building is a combination of point, line, and surface. The lighting is formed integrally from the top to bottom, giving up a very strong feeling of layering. When we passed the Qinnniwaqiao Business Center at night, we can see that whole building is a great artistic lighting giant.